Since 2015, WorkUp! Ukraine has international

 cooperation with various companies and

 employers from Europe and the Middle East.

WorkUp! Ukraine has experience of

 cooperation with employers and agencies

 from Germany under the Work & Travel

 Germany program for students.

Work Up! Ukraine is establishing cooperation 

on seasonal programs, work on farms and

 greenhouses in England

Work Up! Ukraine has been working with partners and employers from 

Poland for many years, 

we have successfully sent hundreds of 

candidates to work over the years

One of our constant areas of cooperation is

 the Czech Republic. We are successfully

 employing our candidates for factories and

plants in the Czech Republic.

Our long-term partners are companies from

 the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain. Our candidates have

 successfully worked and are working in hotels

 and restaurants of the most famous brands

 and chains.

WorkUp agency! Ukraine has been operating since 2015, our office is located in Kiev.

Our main directions are employment, visa support, legal support, consulting. We are always open to cooperation and looking for new partners in other countries: employers and agencies.

We have extensive experience in cooperation with employers from Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic countries, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Germany, and also started a partnership with England. The main areas of our employment are agriculture, hotel and restaurant industry, manufacturing (factories), logistics (warehouses), as well as other types of seasonal work.

We are always happy to discuss future partnerships on favorable terms, provide employees and organize the entire process of registration and selection of candidates.

Contacts for communication:

+380636489985 (Whatsapp / Viber)

Partnership stages


Discussion of cooperation details


Signing a cooperation agreement


Staff recruitment, paperwork / visa processing


Departure of candidates for the place of work
Our team is ready to provide workers at your request. But for this we definitely need to know from you:
1. Job title and main responsibilities
2. Working conditions and salaries (bonuses and so on)
3. Living conditions (photo, video)
4. Requirements for candidates
5. Other important conditions and requirements (accommodation, transfer, meals, sick leave, and so on).
6. Terms of cooperation with us - are negotiated individually for each project.


Sehr geehrter Arbeitgeber,

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an unseren Leistungen.

Wir betreuen Hilfs- und Fachkräfte aus der Ukraine im Rahmen von:

-sozialversicherungsfreien Ferienbeschäftigungen* im Sommer (Ende Mai, Juni, Juli, August) und Winter (Ende Dezember – Mitte Januar);

-sozialversicherungsfreien studienfachbezogenen Pflichtpraktika* (unabhängig von Jahreszeiten, Dauer bis zu 12 Monate);

-freiwilligen Praktika (unabhängig von Jahreszeiten, Dauer bis zu 6 Monate);

-Arbeitsaufnahmen von Fachkräften mit Berufsausbildung, Hochschul- oder Uniabschluss.

* – gilt auch für deutschlandweite Überlassung von studentischen Hilfskräften und Praktikanten über deutsche Zeitarbeitsfirmen.

Haben Sie Fragen? Gern beantworten wir diese kontakt:

+380636489985 (Whatsapp/Viber)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Herr Yurii Konohrai
Agenturleiter WORK UP!

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